Companion Animal Registration With RPB

We understand that the process of becoming a registered breeder may be intimidating to first-timers. Cat or dog breeding is already a very involved process, with a lot of steps and requirements to consider. Becoming a registered dog breeder or cat breeder means that you will have to master the ins and outs of breeding as well as uphold the standards and Code of Ethics of the RPB. There’s no reason to worry, because we’ve prepared a document to guide you. 


RPB is a breeding organization that accepts both purebred and crossbred pet breeders. We created the Beginner Breeder Guide to help first-time breeders and new members understand the steps involved in becoming a registered breeder with the RPB and breeding your dogs or cats. 


While helping your animals bring new lives into the world is an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience, it can also be overwhelming to those who have never gone through the process. The Beginner Breeder Guide is presented in an easy-to-follow format that details all the necessary steps, from choosing the right breeding animals, to releasing the puppies or kittens to their new owners. 


The RPB believes that all dog and cat breeders and owners should have the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise, helping ensure the well-being of all dogs and cats. The goal of the RPB is for all dogs and cats to have good loving homes where they are treated ethically and humanely, regardless of whether or not they are purebred animals. 


Once you have been accepted into the RPB, you will gain access to a number of templates and resources we have created to help you with all the different aspects of being a breeder. 


So that you are adequately prepared for your upcoming litter, we have created the Ultimate Whelping Checklist. Aside from that, we have created a variety of templates and charts that will prove useful during the whelping process:

  • Dam/Queen Whelping Temperature Check Chart

  • Puppy/Kitten Whelping Record 

  • Puppy/Kitten Worming & Vaccination Calendar

  • Puppy/Kitten Weight Chart 

Once your puppies or kittens are ready to go to their new homes, we have a downloadable sale and health agreements, desexing contracts, and even resources for new owners to begin socializing with their new dogs. Our hope is that all of these resources will make the experience as smooth and as pleasant as possible for you, the animals, and the new owners. 


This isn’t all you get from your RPB breeder membership, as we also offer food discounts, ad promotions on our partner site PetsForHomes, pet insurance, and other resources. Our aim is to help you throughout the journey of breeding your dogs or cats, and to give you the tools to ensure that all your litters are full of happy, healthy puppies or kittens. We also have a private group for RPB Full members, as well as exclusive discounts offered only to that group. 


Being able to advertise as an RPB breeder tells potential buyers that you care about your animals’ health and well-being, and have committed to upholding the stringent standards and guidelines of the RPB. We also have a search tool for buyers to Verify Breeders, giving them peace of mind that you are registered with the RPB. 


To sign up as a registered breeder with the RPB, please download the Beginner Breeder Guide and become a member to start your journey as a registered dog breeder or cat breeder with the RPB.