Registered Dog Breeders Texas

Registered Dog Breeders

The below list contains dog breeders in Texas who are members of RPB. To apply to become an RPB member, click here. You can learn how to become a registered breeder with RPB and download our free dog breeder guide at the following link.


You may use this list to find RPB members in Texas who practice ethical breeding and care for their animals. Before choosing a breeder, please do extensive research regarding the care and raising of dogs. Please also familiarize yourself with the criteria for dog ownership as well as prepare your home for a new pet.


Choosing to get your dog or puppy from an RPB registered breeder will help ensure that you are getting your pet from an ethical and responsible breeder. 


You may click the following link to confirm that an RPB breeder’s details given to you match those in our database: RPB Members


To provide the finest standard of care for their pets, RPB members in Texas must follow our Code of Ethics. Breeders in the state of Texas must meet the following requirements:

  • Agree to abide by the RPB Code of Ethics

  • Have less than 10 breeding females

  • Be in compliance with the state and county/council animal number limits

  • Have all the necessary permits and licences for the breeding of dogs and/or cats for where you reside

 In the state of Texas, breeders who meet one of the following must be licenced to be a breeder.

  1. Possess 11 or more adult female dogs and/or cats that are capable of reproduction 

  2. Within one calendar year, you sell, exchange, or offer to sell or exchange at least 20 dogs and/or cats.

To ensure you comply with your state legislation, please click here:

Any breeders who wish to join RPB must have less than 10 breeding female dogs/and or cats. However, if you expect to have more than 20 puppies and/or kittens each year, you are required to have a breeding license from the Texas department of licensing and regulation before joining RPB.

Depending on the county in which you reside, you may also be required to obtain a “breeding permit” from your council. These details will be required when you sign up as a member with RPB.

In some areas this may require you to have a “commercial breeding permit” in order to legally be able to breed and sell animals.

All of your breeding animals are required to be up to date with their vaccinations (canine and feline vaccinations and rabies vaccinations) and be registered with your county/council as required. 

Registered Dog Breeders

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