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Here you can find our probationary RPB member list and RPB Full Member list.

Raising and breeding cats is not something to be taken lightly. It involves time, money, and effort to ensure the well-being of both the mother cat and her kittens. All of the kittens must be healthy and well cared for before going to their new homes.

RPB members are committed to the health and happiness of their animals. They put in the work necessary so that any buyers will be matched up with cats that suit their lifestyle and personality. All of our registered cat breeders deliver a high level of care to all their animals, before, during, and often even after the sale.

As part of the RPB Code of Ethics, all RPB members are required to provide their animals with clean, comfortable housing and a properly balanced diet. RPB breeders are also obligated to provide social stimulation, grooming, and medical attention to their animals as needed. By doing so, we hope to ensure humane living conditions and loving care for all cats under our organization. You can read more about our guidelines and rules on this page:

Before you make a purchase from an RPB member, please note that we have two types of members:

  1. Probationary members
    Probationary RPB members have officially joined the RPB and have understood and agreed to our Code of Ethics for members. However, they have not yet completed their veterinarian audit, wherein a practicing veterinarian reviews their premises and verifies that all animals are treated humanely and ethically. Probationary membership lasts for 12 months, after which the breeder must complete the veterinarian audit before becoming an RPB full member.
  2. Full members
    RPB Full Members have not only agreed to uphold the standards and guidelines of our Code of Ethics, they have also completed the veterinarian audit. They thoroughly understand and follow the best practices for the breeding and raising of their pets.

If you are unable to locate your breeder’s information on our probationary or full member list, please visit the Verify Breeder page so we can ensure that our records match the information given to you by the breeder.

For any breeder concerns, you may fill out this form:

In line with our Code of Ethics, all RPB breeders are required to honor a three-day cooling off period after a sale. Our breeders are also obligated to offer a lifetime rehoming guarantee, meaning that your breeder will assist you in finding a suitable home for your cat if you find yourself unable to care for them.

Our members must ensure the health and well-being of all their breeding animals. As part of this, they must cease breeding any cat that is clearly unfit for breeding or has a genetic defect that may be passed down to the kittens. We recommend that all breeding cats be given sufficient time to heal and recuperate after having a litter of kittens, limiting most cats to only two litters a year.

Whether or not you purchase a pet from an RPB breeder or elsewhere, we advise you to visit your breeder and meet the parents of the kittens before finalizing the sale. This way, you will have a better idea of the kind of care the animals are receiving, as well as the temperament and health of all the animals.

Further details about our Code of Ethics and the strict guidelines our breeders follow can be found on our About Us page. You can also learn more about becoming an RPB cat breeder on our membership page.