RPB is proud to be partnered with PetsForHomes, a free-to-use ethical pets marketplace. PetsForHomes was founded by pet lovers, for other pet lovers. Their site gives responsible breeders a platform to advertise their pets for sale. 

Posting an ad is free, and if an RPB member includes their member number within their ads, their listing will be featured on this page and also listed on PetsForHomes as a “Top Ad” entirely for free (“Top Ads” are usually $35 each for non RPB members). Simply register to be a PetsForHomes member and post an ad, then remember to input your RPB member number when prompted for it. 

Verify A RPB Registered Breeder

So that the public can more easily verify RPB registered breeders, we have created a search functionality that only requires the breeder’s member number and cell number. 

This search functionality operates with the following restrictions and guidelines:

  • No personal details or information of any RPB member will be provided to the public
  • If someone is provided with the cell number of an RPB breeder, they can then verify the membership of that breeder if the cell number is associated with RPB membership  
  • RPB will only confirm or deny that the details match what is in our database
  • It is the responsibility of RPB members to ensure that their details are correct and updated in RPB database so that they can be verified 

The safety and security of the data of each member is important to us, and RPB will never give out any member’s personal details without their consent. The Verify Breeder page is provided only so that the public can verify whether or not you are a registered breeder.

Copy and paste the template below, fill in the blank space with your member number, and share it to your website, social media, or ad page.

I’m an RPB registered breeder, number _____. You can verify this here: [link]