Dog Breeders New York

The following list contains breeders that are registered members of RPB in New York. Click the following link to apply for RPB membership You may learn more about how to become a registered RPB member and get our free responsible dog breeder guide

This list is provided to the public so you can find RPB members in New York who practice ethical and responsible breeding. All RPB members are required to feed and house their dogs properly. Before you choose a breeder to buy from, please do your research into the requirements for owning a dog and the specific traits and requirements of the breed you have chosen.

By purchasing your dog from a breeder registered with RPB, you are supporting ethical breeding practices and the humane treatment of all animals. 

You may verify that your breeder’s details match the RPB records through the following link.

To provide the finest standard of care for their pets, RPB members in New York must follow our Code of Ethics. Breeders in the state of New York must meet the following requirements:

  • Agree to abide by the RPB Code of Ethics

  • Have less than 10 breeding females

  • Be in compliance with the state and county/council animal number limits

  • Have all the necessary permits and licenses for dog and/or cats breeding for where you reside

Breeders in New York must have a pet dealer license if they plan to sell or offer to sell 9 or more dogs and/or cats per year OR if you engage in the public sale of 25 dogs and/or cats born on your premises per year.

However, breeders who sell or offer to sell less than 25 dogs and/or cats per year that are born and raised on the breeder’s residential premises are exempt from mandatory licensing.

All of your breeding animals are required to be up to date with their vaccinations (canine and feline vaccinations and rabies vaccinations) and be registered with your county or council as required. 

Registered Dog Breeders

Member IDFirst NameStateBreed