Probationary RPB Members

Probationary RPB Members are obligated to uphold our Code of Ethics, as well as understand and follow best practices for the raising and breeding of their animals. 


While we hold all our RPB Members to the highest standards, probationary RPB members have not yet completed a veterinarian audit. Noncompliance with our Code of Ethics is grounds for immediate suspension and/or termination of RPB membership. 


Probationary membership may last for 12 months. To become eligible for full membership, probationary RPB members must complete the veterinarian audit within the 12 months or within three months of the end of the probationary period. 


Please contact us at [email link] if you have any concerns regarding an RPB member. If you have seen someone claim that they are an RPB member but cannot locate their details within this list or the RPB full member list, please get in touch with us as well. 


We do not give out our members’ personal contact details to the public. If you wish to make an inquiry or wish to contact one of our members, please email us at [email link] and we will pass on your contact details to the member in question. They may authorize us to share their contact information with you.


The information contained in this list is only a guide, not definitive proof of membership. Please be sure to ask for proof of membership from the breeder you are in contact with, or use our Verify Breeder page to check that the details given to you match those within our database. You may also contact us directly to verify your breeder’s information. We have been made aware of some breeders who copy the information on this page to appear legitimate. 

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