RPBA Scammers List

The dog scammer list below includes individuals known to be fraudulently using an RPBA Membership number to advertise animals. Should you have any information or dealings with the people listed below, we strongly urge you to contact your local authorities to report the matter (Police, RSPCA, AWL, Local Council). The individuals listed below are NOT affiliated with RPBA. 

To verify an RPBA member, please use the verify member tool, or use the contact form to contact the RPBA for further information.

If you have any dealings with a breeder from any organization, both positive or negative, please feel free to leave a review here to help other people in the future.

Puppy Scammers are very creative with their ads. Often they fraudulently use a registered breeder’s registration number to appear legitimate. For this reason we recommend checking with the breeding organization directly to verify a member. All registered breeders will be happy to share with you images of animals, have Facetime or phone calls, and verify their registered breeder organization and their member number. 

We recommend not handing over any money to a breeder who you have not been able to verify and contact the breeding organization immediately if you suspect someone may be impersonating a registered breeder.

Please note that the details listed below are what has been shown on public sites and may not show all potential contact information the person may be using when contacting potential buyers. Whilst we try to cover off on all puppy scam websites and breeder scams of those impersonating RPBA members, there may be some which we have not identified yet. If you suspect that someone is impersonating an RPBA member, email us at [email protected]

First name Surname  Contact Number Email Address Website
Hein C      
George  H      
John N/A 03 6361 6642   https://www.hobartcavoodlepuppies.com/
Matthew  H      
Matthew P      
Andrew V 0280069523