Verify RPB Breeder Number

Coming soon!

The Verify Breeder page is provided for the public to verify whether or not breeders are registered with RPB. We ask that you first check the RPB full members list and RPB probationary members list before using this search functionality. 


Please ask your breeder for the details that match their RPB membership registration information before using this search. If the details provided to you do not match what is on our database, the search function will not be able to confirm your breeder’s membership. 


If you require further assistance in verifying your breeder’s information, you may get in touch with us through the verify breeder contact form. Please prepare as much information as you have about the breeder (such as breeder’s first and last name, RPB number, contact information, address, link to the breeder’s advertisement, etc.) so we can confirm that they are an RPB member.