Full RPB Members

If a breeder you are dealing with claims to be an RPB member and you cannot locate their breeder number on either the RPB full member list or the probationary RPB member list, please contact us on our Verify Breeder page. We will double check to ensure that our records match the details your breeder has given you. 

RPB full members have gone through a rigorous verification process and veterinarian audit with a practicing veterinarian. RPB full members have committed to uphold our Code of Ethics, and must understand and implement best practices regarding the care and breeding of their animals.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns regarding our members. If you know of anyone claiming to be an RPB member but cannot find or match their details here or on the probationary RPB member list, please contact us as well.

If you would like to contact one of our members or wish to make an inquiry, please get in touch with us via email and share your contact details. We will pass this information along to the RPB member in question and we can share their details with you if they authorize it. 

The information contained in this list is meant only as a guide, and our database may change without notice. Please always ask for proof of membership from anyone claiming to be an RPB member, or use our Verify Breeder page. 

Alternatively, you may contact us to verify the information given to you by the breeder. Some scammers may copy information from this page to pose as legitimate breeders, fraudulently using RPB member numbers. 

Member IDFirst NameStateBreedRPBA Membership Level
20012ChristianFLGoldendoodleFull Member (Level 2)
20014AndreaVTGerman ShepherdFull Member (Level 2)
20020RuthMEBorder CollieFull Member (Level 2)
20027SamanthaINShih TzuFull Member (Level 2)
20028NicoleWACoonhoundFull Member (Level 2)
20046CarolWYGerman ShepherdFull Member (Level 2)