List of Questions to Ask Breeders

Questions to ask dog breeders

Looking to purchase a cat or dog for your family? Here are some of the most common questions asked.

  1. What is the temperament like?
  2. Are they a good fit for my family requirements?
  3. How much exercise is required daily?
  4. Does this breed get along with children well?
  5. How much shedding occurs and what are the grooming requirements?
  6. When was the last worming and vaccination done?
  7. How much food to feed per day and how many times a day?
  8. What are the parents like?
  9. How big do they grow?
  10. Are they desexed or when can I desex?
  11. How often do I need to bath, comb, and groom?
  12. What premium diet do you recommend?
  13. Is there anything I should be aware of?

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Blog posts should not be relied on as purchasing advice, do your research before purchasing a cat or dog.


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